Working with gaming in Copenhagen

There is something very unique about working with gaming in Copenhagen. Not only has Denmark been declared the planet’s happiest country but we also have the best combination of interesting jobs and a life to write home about.

What is different about being a game developer in Copenhagen than somewhere else in the world? Technically it can be more or less the same, but the difference is how in the culture at the workplace and outside the work.
By joining the games industry in Copenhagen you’ll become a part of a booming industry filled with great ambition, that is very open and where people like collaboration in positive manner. Here you are given space to pursue your small hopes and big dreams.

You’ll be living in the most liveable city of the world and you have enough spare time to enjoy it. Your new home country Denmark is world’s happiest country and second safest country.
In Copenhagen we have it all: beaches and bars, calmness and culture, fun and festivals and just about everything else you might enjoy.
Moving to Copenhagen requires some guts, but don’t worry, tens of thousands have done it before you, and very few of them regret it.

Consider yourself invited.

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