Who is Pumpchkin & Why is she Famous?

PumpchkinPumpchkin is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 93 (Majestic Movie Star). She is the top Moviestar on the US server’s highscore board, and also the highest leveled player throughout all of the MSP servers.

About & History

Pumpchkin starting gaining fame and recognition when she befriended the once-high scoring Joanna.Pety. Not a lot of time passed until she succeeded Joanna and created her now popular group, “Team Pump,” aka “Porters.” Pumpchkin also gains attention from the other countries in the MSP community.

Pumpchkin received a ton of hate for announcing her disfavor for short movies and encouraging other users to put “Stop Short Movies” in her status. This hate has died down since then. Pumpchkin now does some short movies for her supporters, so they can be able to earn some easy StarCoins.

A little while ago, Pump was passed on the highscores board by Mybeau, putting Pump 3 levels behind her. Not long after, Pumpchkin regained her spot at the top by leveling up multiple times in one day. She gained over half a billion fame and reached level 79, breaking MSP records. This caused a lot of controversy between “Mybeauers” and “Porters”.



  • Pumpchkin says you’re not a TRUE fan unless you put her in your bio.  People have gotten upset that she only cares about fame and demands more viewers; using her fans for free promotion.
  • Pumpchkin has never revealed to anyone how she looks in real life.  Which have led many people to believe that she is actually an adult who hides behind her computer screen.  Her appearance in RL has never been revealed.
  • Some claim that Pumpchkin is a “fame-hog” and doesn’t collaborate with aspiring YouTubers, Bloggers, or dedicated MSP players.  She doesn’t suppport the community and only supports herself.

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