Who Created MovieStarPlanet?

If you look up the name, “therealskyepie” on the US servers, he owns the game.  Well, actually, his parents own the game.  And if you don’t send him all his greets and wishlist items then his parents will ban you forever.  Just kidding.  He doesn’t own the game at all.  He only owns this blog.  And if anyone says their parents own the game, then they’re probably lying.

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Claus Lykke Jensen | Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Mikkel Vejlgaard | Chief Marketing Officer
Peer Jacobsen | Chief Technical Officer

Jacob Schulz Jørgensen | Chief Financial Officer

Vernon Jones | Head of Safety

The Team MovieStarPlanet ApS currently employs more than 70 talented people, including the in-house development team and moderators as well as moderators working locally across the globe.

MovieStarPlanet was created in 2009.

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