Tune Postback 2017

Our Chief Commercial Officer, Jan Møller is joining the Tune Postback Conference in Seattle on July 20th and 21st. Postback is annual the mobile event, where 1000 of the world’s top marketers get together to connect with other marketing insiders, and to share ideas and insights.

“The conference has a great timing in relation to the full rollout of our mobile strategy, and I hope to exchange views with the top level mobile user acquisition experts”, Jan says before the trip to Washington.

Postback speakers include Kellyn Kenny, Vice President of Marketing at Uber, Todd Teresi, Vice President at Apple and Ashley Yuki, Product Manager at Instagram. “I have great expectations for input and insights from the keynote speakers list”, Jan says.

We wish great trip to Jan! Can’t wait to hear the input from the conference!

Read more about the Tune Postback from here: http://postback.tune.com/

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