Top 5 MovieStarPlanet Fails! (PT. 1)


MovieStarPlanet has 5 very popular kinds of fails.  We’ve all experienced these fails.  It’s like the fail whale.  Wait, you’ve never heard of the fail whale?!  Well, it’s a whale… that fails.  And conveniently rhymes.  Here are 5 MSP fails!

#5 – Chat Filter Fails

chat filter

You know those times on MovieStarPlanet when you’re trying to chat, but you can’t chat because the chat filter won’t let you?  How can you forget?  It happens all the time in nearly every conversation ever had on MovieStarPlanet.  It’s a huge fail.

#4 – Outfits Fails


MSP Item Bugs

The creators of MovieStarPlanet don’t, exactly, care how items fit onto your avatar.  I mean, just take a look at the picture above.  Enough said.  Maybe stacking items on top of each other is a fashion statement #2fab4u

#3 – YouTube Fails

msp volume

When you first enter the YouTube chatroom, music will blare through your speakers.  It will make you def.  And I think MSP wants us all to be def.  Why else would they have YouTube videos play in their chatrooms at full sound?!

#2 – MSP Lockout Fails


Angry mother scolding a disobedient child

So it’s come to my realization that MovieStarPlanet locks out accounts like it’s nobody’s business.  They’ll lock you out of your account for no reason AT ALL.  If someone reports you, they lock you out.  It’s just a horrible system and people began creating backup accounts to stop them.

#1 – MovieTown Fails

MSP Loves on Artbook FAIL

The number 1 fail is whenever  you spend an hour on an AMAZING artbook or movie and no one watches it.  It’s the worst of the worst.  Nothing makes you feel like you’ve failed more than having absolutely no one care about your creation.  You know what?  This post has suddenly made me depressed.  I’m going to go cry now.

What are some other fails you’ve experienced?
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