Top 3 MSP Blogs

#3 – Chiara Luv MSP Rare Blog

Chiara Luv

This blog doesn’t update often, but it does update every couple months.  It’s the only site I’ve found that posts MSP Ultra Rares.  This is a great resource if you’re trying to collect items in the game or don’t know which items are valuable!

#2 – Official Corporate Blog

Official MSP Blog

The official MSP blog will update you on the official news of what’s happening within the company of MovieStarPlanet.  These blog posts don’t necessarily reflect the game, but moreso what’s happening at MSP Company headquarters!

#1 – Holly Renee MSP UK

Holly Renee MSP

This blog is, by far, the best MSP blog to visit (besides our own).  Holly updates her blog nearly everyday so I suggest bookmarking her site and visiting it often.  She has an amazing personality and does a lot of shoutouts to people from MovieStarPlanet so be sure to check it out!

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