Takeaways from Tune POSTBACK

Our CCO Jan Møller just returned from TUNE POSTBACK conference, that was held in Seattle. Not surprisingly one of the main takeaways from the conference is “Ad growth = Driven by mobile” – A quote by Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

After two days with the sharpest minds within the marketing industry it became very clear to everyone at the conference that mobile truly is the future driver for the ad revenue growth.

Given the current state of the market, another big theme of the conference was the “F-word for Fraud”.  The biggest issues seen are the uncertainty whether advertisers are getting the impressions, clicks and audience contracted and the fact that lack of industry’s transparency leaves room for fraud. As for web in its early days, mobile is a bit wild west hence need to establish clear standards and transparency.

Apple Vice President Todd Teresi stated in a panel discussion that Apple has clear intention to increase transparency in mobile advertising business, as they’re continuing to develop the App Store Search Ads. We hope that the industry follows their example.

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