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Summer has been upon us, and we know it is a time where all our movie stars enjoy being off from school spending time with their friends, families, and of course on MovieStarPlanet. We were curious about what they were doing in their summer vacation so we asked them to send us a summer greeting. It could be a postcard, a drawing, a letter, the sky was the limit. But it could not be digital.

It was with great anxiety and excitement we launched this analogue competition in a digital world to a digital generation. We therefore decided to increase the stakes and draw a winner from each country every week of a 1 month STAR VIP membership. At the end of the competition we would draw a winner from each country of a 1 year STAR VIP membership.

However, all concerns were put to shame – kids still know how to make amazing drawings, write beautiful letters, and express themselves in long sentences and not just through smileys and abbreviations.
We were simply BLOWN AWAY by the creativity of our movie stars.
And how many letters did we receive?
1.971 Letters!!!!

summer competition

The country sending the most contributions was France with a stunning 682 letters.
France was followed by Poland and then US, UK, Holland and Germany as the top 6 countries.
During the competition we posted videos and photos of how the boxes of letters grew on Social Media, and we announced the winners on each MovieStarPlanet domain. It created an excitement on the domains and in the office throughout the summer.

So what do you do with 1.971 letters and drawings? You use them as office decoration!

pics pics2

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