Summer competition 2017

Calling out around the world – Are you ready for a brand-new beat?

On MovieStarPlanet we arrange amazing competitions throughout the year, but nothing beats (Pun intended) the yearly summer contest.

Last year our users around the world sent us postcards and/or drawings as a summer greeting. We used these to decorate our meeting rooms and puts any other wallpaper to shame!

This year we have created a dance competition!

What it entails is that our users watch a video with everyone’s favorite character, Pixi Star, does specific moves that can be found in the game. These moves have been compiled into a dance by our super talented animator, Max. Our users will have to mimic, record and send it in!

Be ready for MovieStarPlanet to decorate the internet with this awesome new dance!

The winners of the competition get the most sought-after prize, VIP membership!

At the end of the competition we will announce a grand winner. The champion of all champions.

Try the dance yourself  It’s super fun!

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