Optimizing RoboBlastPlanet with Intel

During this year’s Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Intel was holding optimization sessions for mobile games. This was a lucky coincidence since our Principal Programmer, Javier Abud Chavez, was attending to the conference to talk to a number of our technology partners. We jumped on the chance to have our games inspected by experts from Intel and expanded our knowledge base by learning some lesser known optimization techniques that Intel recommended we do.

Thanks to this, RoboBlastPlanet spent an entire release doing optimizations with the result being a more stable and faster performing product, which in turn translates to a more responsive and improved experience for our users.

We finally teamed up with Intel to write an article about what we optimized and how we did it. This article can be found in Gamasutra, under the title Optimizing RoboBlastPlanet with Intel GPA

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