Online Dating in 8 Easy Steps


You know those people who go to chatrooms and say, “SINGLE!!!!!”  or “I NED A BOYFRAND!!!!!”  Well, this video is for them.  Here are 8 easy steps for online dating on MovieStarPlanet!

Step 1 – Get to know him

If you want a boyfriend then you need to get to know some boys.  Ask them about Unicorn Poop.  Boys like poop.

Step 2 – Be Flirty

Add winky faces after all your sentences.  Winky faces can be suggestive and make anything sound flirty.  Do you want to hangout 😉

Step 3 – Laugh and Smile A LOT


Step 4 – Send him a picture

Go google some fake pictures of super hot girls then send him one.  It’s basically how to catfish 101.

Step 5 – Be a Good Listener

Wait, what?  What did you just say?  Sorry, I wasn’t listening.

Step 6 – Text him

You can get a lot of phone numbers by being a world-class stalker.  Do some google searches and find out everything about him.  Boys LOVE that 😉

Step 7 – Be Jealous

Be aware of other SLUTS trying to move in on your boyfriend.  Let those hos know that you don’t take no shit.  And you’re liable to pull out a weave on a bitch if you have to.  -snaps fingers-

Step 8 – Perform a Satanic Ritual

If all else fails, perform a satanic ritual.  It works 100% of the time.  All you need to do is sacrifice your soul for an eternity.  Totally worth it for a boyfriend, right?

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