New Tech Platform calls for change in Production Strategy at MovieStarPlanet

MOVIESTARPLANET has entered a new development phase, which is part of an exciting journey that will change the company dramatically. Migrating from Flash to Unity will require reshaping the organization, to meet the new aims and objectives. This restructuring process will require Internal changes and retraining in relation to the employment of Unity experts. This new strategy will also allow the organization to streamline and improve the production needs of the company. Until the full porting is fully operational, the production needs will require a smaller and streamlined organization.

“Migrating to Unity will finally fulfill our vision of clever game development by building from a core feature base. I have a strong belief that this step is one of the most significant decisions for MovieStarPlanet ever”, says CEO & Founder Claus Lykke Jensen.

The production of Games, within MOVIESTARPLANET, will be built on top of our Unity platform – Nebula. This enables core game features needed for a social game in the MOVIESTARPLANET network. With a click of a button, game developers can create games with social core features like Avatars, Profiles, Login, Chatrooms, Friends list, High scores, Safety, Localization, Shops and much more. For game development in MOVIESTARPLANET, the focus will be on creating specific UI/UX while adding features that will make any new game unique and stand out.
This approach will emphasize our ability to reduce ‘go to market time’ and lowering the cost in relation to game development. This leverage launch of more games in a shorter time will be a prerequisite to facilitate the goal of being the largest and safest social network of games for kids.

MOVIESTARPLANET is the longest living social network for kids and our success through 10 years will help us bridge the technical gap to the future of game production. This is a transition that will require heavy investment and a more streamlined organization.
MOVIESTARPLANET have 3 successful and fully monetized games live that is enjoyed by millions of kids all over the world. This new investment will bring the company into a new and dynamic future that will embrace the necessary changes to be fully migrated to Unity in 2021. The journey will also include the commitment to support our 3 Flash games until the journey has been completed.

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