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Anonymous claims to be a group of hackers who can hack MovieStarPlanet.  However, as a developer, coder, and hacker myself.  I can tell you the actual facts of hacking and truth about the MovieStarPlanet Anonymous.


There are certain “exploits” that make any website vulnerable to hackers.  MovieStarPlanet, however, can only be hacked by using certain debugging tools like “Fiddler” or “Charles”.  These tools allow you search for certain ultra rares but makes it impossible for you to buy them.  You can’t get unlimited starcoins and it’s impossible to get diamonds for free.  MovieStarPlanet is a business.  And as a business, if they allowed people to steal diamonds or starcoins then they wouldn’t be able to pay employees or even continue to have a game.


The ability to hack people’s accounts is nearly impossible.  Due to password encryption methods; the only real way to hack someone is for them to GIVE YOU their login information.  This commonly happens 1 of 2 ways.  The first way is players trust other players with their login information (many will deny having done this, but it’s very true).  The other way of getting hacked is entering your information in a “scam website”.  If you don’t want to be hacked then don’t give out your personal information.

The truth about hacking is simple: anyone who’s a true coder has an appreciation for the difficulty and effort put into any website.  Whoever decides to corrupt that isn’t an actual hacker.  They’re simply kids (most likely) who think hacking is cool.  It’s not cool to destroy other peoples’ work.

Don’t be afraid of anonymous.
They can’t hurt you.

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