Kulturnatten 2016


Here at MovieStarPlanet HQ in Copenhagen, we love inviting our users over to the office for special events.

Last Friday, we opened our office for Kulturnatten (“Culture Night”), annual cultural event where organizations around Copenhagen open up for public hosting entertainment and adventures for both kids and adults.


At MovieStarPlanet the Kulturnatten crowd were given an opportunity for an introductory tour to gaming studio and to join a workshop hosted by our developers and content artists.

Over 50 kids participated to the workshops throughout the evening. They seemed truly thrilled seeing where the hugely popular game is made and trying their own skills in coding and content creation.

In addition to the workshops, our safety and marketing teams had a blast showing their work to the users and their parents, and the whole MovieStarPlanet crew had great fun organizing the event.

We are very inspired by the participants and their enthusiasm towards our games and we are already planning next events.

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