How To Have Sex on MSP

msp blowjob

Anyone whose ever played MSP knows there some dirt-nasty stuff that goes down in those chatrooms.  Put it like this, if MSP was real-life, then girls would walk around with no pants.  Here’s a TROLL video of people having sex on moviestarplanet.  Skip to the end, that’s where the real action begins!

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how to have sex on msp

These two animations make it look like you’re having sex on MovieStarPlanet.  Why would you want to do this?  I have no idea.  I mean, pixels on top of each other is hot?  It’s pretty much virtual barbie but sexual.  Anyway, have fun 10 year olds!

What do you think about dirty people on MSP?
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Disclaimer: as a blogger, I only report the news in MovieStarPlanet.  In no way do we encourage people to behave in this manner.

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