How to be Emo on MSP

Some of you might be asking, “How do you become Emo on MSP“!?! Well, here’s an easy step-by-step guide on being emo. Turn off the lights, light a candle, and play some super depressing music. You’re about to learn the secrets to being emo!


Set the mood in your room


In order to fully understand the feelings of being emo, you need to put yourself in the proper environment and atmosphere. Get some tissues ready for when those tears start falling. You’re going to need them! Now play some sad songs, and turn off the lights.


Dress your avatar in Emo Items

emo girl 02

Go to the store and find the emo theme. MovieStarPlanet has a few-emo items you can choose from to make your avatar look so.. “I’m so alone right now.” Look.


Place EMO quotes in your bio

emo girl 01

After dressing the part, now you have to act the part. Place an emo quote in your bio! Some of my favorites are, “Nobody loves me” and the infamous “No one understands how I feel.


Chat with people


The last and final step is to chat with people. Keep in mind that when chatting, you want to bring up as many sad and depressing subjects as you can. You NEED to make your friends feel sorry for you. It’s the key to being EMO!

Congrats on becoming emo
Want to go cry now?

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