How To Get Free Accounts (bugmenot)

So you want free MSP accounts?  Well now you can have all the passwords, but I can’t guarantee they will 100% work.  Here are the best places you can go to get free accounts:


This website gives you account usernames and passwords FOR FREE!

MSP BugMeNot

BugMeNot is great for MovieStarPlanet accounts.  The only problem is these accounts DON’T WORK 99% of the time.  But hey, at least it’s a good resource for trying to get free accounts haha!


If you do a quick YouTube search, you can find videos of people giving their accounts away!

MSP YouTube Free Accounts

So you’re telling me YouTube can be used for more than “weird” videos, “vlog drama”, and cats?!  Sheesh, the internet is a lot bigger than you thought it was.

If you do a simple search on YouTube for “MSP Account Giveaways” – it should bring up a whole list of videos.  Try sorting by newest upload.  You can get a few free accounts this way.

MovieStarPlanet Guide

The final way is by using this website and posting in the comment section

MSP Guide Logo 200px

So the other two option don’t always work and you’re not “GUARANTEED” a free account, and that’s okay.  You can always post comments in this section for account giveaways.

Are you quitting or want to giveaway an MSP account?

Leave a comment down below!

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