What are Boonies, Bonsters, & Pets?

MovieStarPlanet has a pet selection that will allow you to have a cool pet by your side. This isn’t really a huge advantage AT ALL but can make you look a whole lot cooler. So let me give you a rundown of each kind of pet. And the ones we suggest buying most :)

Bonsters (best value)

MSP Bonsters

There isn’t a large selection of Bonsters.  There’s only 5 of them, making them the fewest created pet you can find.  Not necessarily the rarest pets, however.  Bonsters aren’t expensive at all.  We suggest, if you plan on buying a pet, then try to buy the cheapest one possible so you can get coins back for growing your pet!

Boonies (expensive)

MSP Boonies

Boonies are some of the most popular pets on MovieStarPlanet.  They grow from being a baby, to a teen, then an adult.  You have to keep them happy and they’re pretty high maintenance.  So Boonies are really only good for those who play the game EVERY SINGLE DAY.

The Zoo (for your room)

MSP The Zoo

We highly recommend pets from the zoo.  Whenever a new theme comes out, a new pet comes out for that theme.  This means you can style your room according to the monthly theme.  I really love the “Mars” theme because it’s so closely related to STAR WARS!  And of course, if you don’t know… therealskyepie loves Star Wars haha.

What kind of pet do you have in MSP?
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