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Do you want FREE MovieStarPlanet Star VIP? Well you’re in luck.  MSP Guide is giving away 1 month of VIP membership every month!  How does it work?  Easy:

Step 1: Follow us on Twitter.

Step 2: Like Us on Facebook.

Step 3: Leave a comment with your MovieStarPlanet username.

The last step is the easiest.  Just leave a comment below with your username.  Once you’ve done with that then you’re finished!

We’ll choose a winner at the end of the month from 1 of the 3 social networks listed above. Please do not make duplicate entries. We will check the accounts before selecting a winner. If the accounts are not active, then we will not send the MovieStarPlanet VIP. We will only send to active accounts. Thank you!

Please Note: Skye Pie has to manually send out the VIPs to your account.  He does this by purchasing a VIP membership gift certificate on the login screen of moviestarplanet.  This contest is ongoing and you will only get 1 month of VIP if you win.  The code will be sent to you on MovieStarPlanet.  Skye Pie will only send VIP to ACTIVE accounts so please don’t spam.  Thank you and good luck!

Step 4: Try the daily raffle (once per day)


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