Brands Come Alive on MovieStarPlanet

To the MovieStarPlanet users’ delight, many exciting brands have been paying the MovieStarPlanet universe a visit during the spring. Not only have the users welcomed the sponsored characters with open arms, but the brand owners have been thrilled to see their characters come to live.

MovieStarPlanet users have had the chance to meet and mingle with lots of exciting brand ambassadors. Who wouldn’t want to meet Apple Blossom, the cute and bubbly apple girl, who helped to launch the oh so popular collectable toy series, Shopkins, in the Nordics? Or edgy and cool Mal from the Disney Channel hit series Descendants, who brought her unique styling tips to MovieStarPlanet? Thousands of MovieStarPlanet users befriend the characters with open arms and eagerly participated in fun competitions and gained well-loved branded virtual gift items in the process.

Integrating a brand in the MovieStarPlanet universe, in the form of a sponsored character, gives the brand owners a unique opportunity to bring their brand to life in an environment the kids love and feel comfortable in. A great example of a brand who has done just that is Libresse, who by sponsoring a big sister like character Liz, has taken on the challenge to educate the MovieStarPlanet girls on a topic that can sometimes seem a little awkward to a tween girl.

Being an integrated part of a kids’ universe is proving to be a win-win situation for many brands – the users can be excited about making cool new friends and learning more about them, while the brands can grow their reach to include passionate and creative MovieStarPlanet users.Advertisin

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