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Written by Pernille Lundgreen, Communication Manager, Symbion.

MovieStarPlanet: At eyelevel with our users

MovieStarPlanet was started in 2008 and today the platform is used by more than 10 million active user profiles per month and provides a double digit million profit. Their head office is at The Orbit, a part of Symbion, and we have asked CEO, Claus Lykke Jensen, some questions related to the startup of an entrepreneurial company.

How did the idea to MovieStarPlanet start?
The idea started in 2008 based on a desire to develop learning games to children in the age 8-13 years with the purpose to increase their English skills. The idea was that children should be able to develop animated film in English; record lines in English and share the films with their friends afterwards. Slowly the focus shifted from learning to games and entertainment, after which the user reach and the revenue increased.
What is according to you the main reason that MovieStarPlanet has become such a success?
The success is quite clear our user focus and our constant ability to innovate and to deliver new features and content to the game. Each week we release a new theme and each month we release a number of new features which means that the universe of MovieStarPlanet frequently is renewed. Furthermore we ensure that we are at eye level with our users, the children between 8-13 years, and we often get visits from school-classes which we interviews in focus groups so that we are constantly aware what they think is working and where they think we can improve.

What makes your concept unique?
MovieStarPlanet provides, together with BonniePlanet and RoboBlastPlanet, the largest social network for children in the age of 8-13 years by offering digital entertainment, creativity, interaction and safety connected in one big social network. The children can play all three games and interact with their friends across the games. Thus, when one child plays RoboBlastPlanet he or she can chat with a friend playing MovieStarPlanet.
Your system is based on user participation. How did you reach the number of users necessary for the platform to function?
First of all our main focus has continually been to deliver a good product the kids would play. Furthermore perseverance, marketing and mouth-to-mouth has been a part in creating our user database with 10 million active user profiles per month in more than 16 countries.
What does the future offer? Have you got any side projects going on which you would like to share?
Our main focus is to be available where our users are. That means we have to be both at web, tablet, Smartphone etc. etc. We are also working getting our youngest games, BonniePlanet and RoboBlastPlanet to play a bigger part in our social network.

Can you give a good advice to startup companies?
My advice is to keep believe in the idea – even though it sometimes seems unmanageable. Most often it takes a lot longer than you think to start up a new company and therefore you have to keep fighting until it succeeds. Believe in it and work hard to make it succeeds.

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