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This is not a complete list of all the answers, rather, a selection of some of the harder answers in the MovieStarPlanet quiz game.

Note*** We suggest studying the answers before playing since it’s hard to play AND search answers at the same time due to the time limit.

Whicg star founded a non-profit encouraging latinos to vote?
Rosario Dawson

Who totes a pink bunny around with her on tour?
Alicia Keys

Who lived with her mom into her twenties?
Jennifer Love Hewitt

Which car brand has a lion in its logo?

How many feet in 1 meter?
3,28 feet

Which number is not a prime number?

A gibson is uually what kind of instrument?
A guitar

What is 84 minus 18 plus 54?

What Disney Character has Maraiah Carey compared herself too?
Marry Poppins

How many jonas brothers are there in the band?

What was Halle Berry’s profession befor she became an actress?
Fashion Model

Which country star raised her three younger siblings?
Shania Twain

Which film won the oscar in 2005 for best in animation?
Finding Nemo

Who wrote the book Dracula?
Mont Blanc

What is 12 times 12?

Jim Carrey has been called “Jack NIchols of the next generation” by…?
Jack Nicholson

What did claire danes study?
Modern dance

The longest rivver in the UK?
The severn

How old was lady gaga when she wrote her first song?

What did Ashley Tisdale wear to her prom?
A Man’s Suit

Who was the first presidential candidate Oprah Winfrey endorsed?
Barack Obama

The bestseller “Twilight” was written by?
Stephenie Meyer

What is the title of Phoebe’s song in “Friends”?
Smelly Cat

Handball was invented in?

Which planet is the smallest?

The fastest runner in the world?
Usain Bolt

Who played INdiana Jones?
Harrison Ford

Michael Jackson was married to the daughter of which legendary singler?
Elvis Presley

What was Mickey Mouse’s original name?
Mortimer Mouse

Christina Aguilera is part what?

Bruce Wayne is also…

What is the square root of 144?

How many players are there on a curling team?

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