What if anime existed in MSP?

What if MovieStarPlanet was Japanese?! I am NOT a weeaboo. Just kidding, I am! KAWAII DESU NE XD

No, but seriously. I am not. I spent way too much time editing this video. I am not satisfied. Join me and my gang of always being unsatisfied with everything in life. WHAT?! THERE’S NO SUSHI IN THE CAFETERIA!? Let’s petition.

This is definitely the most random description I’ve ever described? Whatever. You wouldn’t understand because you’re not Kawaii like me.

Which brings me back to my original point that I was saying before YOU DISTRACTED ME! Um… yes. This video is my interpretation of what it would be like if MSP were Japenese. I probably should’ve changed the title from Japanese to “Anime” because it’s less racist that way. But I figured, why the hell not? I’m half Asian.

This video was requested by Satan.

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