3 MSP Shopping Tips

Are you broke? Don’t lie to us, of course you are! Everybody is! And it’s not just because of your crippling addiction to MovieStarPlanet, it’s because you’re letting yourself get taken for a ride literally everywhere you spend money.

So consider this your Presidents Day PSA and never leave money on the table again using these 5 MSP shopping tips!

Tip #1 – Use Shopping Spree Special

MSP Shopping Spree

If you’ve just upgraded your account to VIP and have diamonds/starcoins then I highly recommend going on a shopping spree.  You’ll be able to buy TWICE as many items which means TWICE as many outfits.  Cool, right?!? RIGHT?!?! Right.

Tip #2 – Buy Similar Color Items

MSP Colors

Once you buy an item of a specific color, then you’re stuck with that color forever.  So my best suggestion is to buy items of similar colors so you can match them better.  Remember, shades like white and black go with pretty much any color.  I like to choose red, white, and black.  Don’t ask me why.  It’s just sexy.

Tip #3 – Purchase VIP or Diamond Items


If you have diamonds then go for some of the diamond items.  They trade easier and become rare later on in the game.  Also, if you’re VIP then it’s an obvious choice to purchase VIP items.  It’s great to see how many cool items you can get.

I hope these three tips helped you!
If you have more then leave a comment 😀

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