4 Kinds of Popular MSP Artbooks

Generally speaking, there are only 4 different kinds of MSP artbooks that consistently become popular:

1. Cosplay Artbooks
Everyone loves a cosplay, especially relevant cosplays that are of trending subjects. Some good examples are popular television series like “The Walking Dead” or “Game of Thrones.” Other examples might include popular musicians like “Taylor Swift” or “Kanye West”. The possibilities are endless due to all the items in MSP.

2. Giveaway Artbooks
NOT ALL GIVEAWAYS ARE SCAMS. But some of them are. And I don’t suggest making giveaway artbooks unless you actually have the items and intend on giving them away.

3. Versus Artbooks
Artbooks that make you decide between 2 opposites or opposing forces. Which do you like more, “Harry Potter” or “The Hunger Games?”

4. Creative Artbooks
Creative artbooks are books that require some patience, thought, and artistic value. Some examples are “The Google Homepage” or MSP’s login screen. Creative artbooks are definitely worth looking at.

Other artbooks include, “DONT CLICK THIS” but are a waste of time if you ask me.

*NOTE: if you want your artbook to become popular then it helps to have A LOT of friends who are online. Remember to publish your artbook during “peak hours”. Remember to remind your friends to “LOVE IT”. The more people who love your artbook, then the better chances you have at rising in MovieStarPlanet.

I hope this post gave you some good ideas on artbooks.

Skye Pie
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