MovieStarPlanet has some amazing artists.  Players take existing images of MSP avatars, and by using tools like “PaintTool Sai” or “Corel Painter“, they create their own art and upload it to YouTube.  For you entertainment and enjoyment, I’ve taken the time to organize 6 of the better speed-paint videos and put them in one post!

#6 – Miranda Sings Speedpaint

By: Meggie

This video was uploaded April 5th, 2016.  Since then, the video has accumulated over 15,000 views.  The video quality could be better, and the artwork turned out half-decent.  It’s an okay representation of the famous YouTuber MirandaSings.

#5 – MSP Speedpaint Intimate Couple

By: TriishkaMSP

This video was uploaded April 19th, 2015.  Since then, the video accumulated over 340,000 views!  This edit has become more popular due to the positioning of the MSP avatars on top of one another.

#4 – Avatar “lunaruna”

By: HamsterMsp

This video was uploaded March 29th, 2016.  Since then, it’s only managed to accumulate a mere 2,000 views.  The speed paint is longer than others but the end product is smooth.  And the music is good background sound 😛

#3 – Ariana Grande SpeedPaint

By: Troll Gamer MSP

This video was uploaded March 19th, 2016.  Since then, it’s gotten over 11,000 views.  This channel isn’t nearly as popular as the other channels in this post but it’s A MILLION times better haha.  I highly recommend subscribing!

#2 – PewDiePieLuv25

By: Nalshie

This video was posted on March 17th, 2016.  Since then, it’s gotten over 16,000 views.  This channel has some super creative posts and you can tell everything has been professionally done.  The channel has the LEAST amount of subscribers but is incredibly good!

#1 – Idi Chan & xOkichix

By: xOkichi – MSP Speedpaints

This video was uploaded on April 1st, 2016.  Since then, it’s accumulated over 11,000 views.  This channel has amazing speed paints.  BY FAR, the best in my opinion.  No competition.  This person is in their only little MSP bubble when it comes to speed paints.

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