10 Things MSP Needs

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MovieStarPlanet could use a lot of improvements. And I believe with the helpful suggestions listed in my video; MSP could be an even better game. Here are 10 things I think MSP should add:

1: Fix Annoying Sound FX (sound could be improved)
2: Fix The Lag (shopping is tedious and long)
3: Label Ultra Rares (identify ultra rare items)
4: Marketplace (for people who want to trade)
5: Music (because who doesn’t love music?)
6: Search Feature (search for items)
7: Artbook Improvements (line tool & Undo Button)
8: Last Seen Online (convenience!)
9: Date Registered (how long have you been playing?!)
10: Diamond Offers (run offers or coupons)

Some other things MSP should add…
– A way to have NO chat filter. Maybe an 18 and over MSP.
– See a chat log in chatrooms so you can follow conversations better.
– More items in my inventory so I can sort through them faster instead of 8 per page.

If you have suggestions then leave a comment below.
Thank you all for watching!

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